02 December 2016

Would a Pharaoh be caught dead in these? #CalvinKlein

Does one actually need Calvin Klein socks?

Calvin Klein "Giza" Socks
I'm not certain what the answer to this question should be, but I bought them anyway. I signed up for Nordstrom's new rewards program and was given a $10.00 Note (spends like a gift card) as a Welcome Gift. The Note arrived on the 26th of November and I used it to buy a pair of Calvin Klein "Giza" Socks that were on sale due to CyberMonday.

Nordies ships pretty much everything free when ordered online. So the net cost of my order was zero --- including delivery to my house. Free socks? Yes, thank you. (These are not for me, mind you, but a fella... I believe in being nice to others.)

Does "Giza" reference the Egyptian plateau? What comes between a Pharaoh and his Calvin's? I'm so funny.

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  1. Ha! Ha! Upon opening the box from Nordies, the first thing I noticed was a placard wrapped around the CK socks announcing "Fine Egyptian Cotton". (The top-level description for the socks didn't specify and I didn't bother to scroll down into "materials".) Giza, indeed.