29 December 2016

Seen #RogueOne? Not I Said the Spider to the Fly... #MovieLover #StarWars #Leia #IMAX #MoviePosters

No, I haven't seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. After the recycled disappointment that is The Forces Awakens, I was afraid to give it a go, though it's helmed by a different director. (I've stated previously that I was very upset at the fact that JJ Abrams got to ruin not one, but two of my favorite childhood Sci-Fi series/franchises, Star Trek and Star Wars. I am NOT an Abrams fan.) I've heard and read both good and bad reviews of Rogue One and have decided to wait for the home video release. I felt it wasn't worth a theater trek. That said, I will give the production crew credit for creating appropriate imagery that gives me the feel of Star Wars.

I may or may not like the film once I see it, but I'll accept all the toys that come along with its launch. Cool posters, radio and/or app controlled drones, costumes, and action figures galore! (I spent quite a few years of my childhood playing with the action figures from the original movies. I constructed my own playsets from the movies and often created new story lines. A male first cousin and I once tried to recreate the Darth Vader funeral pyre scene by placing a Vader action figure on a stack of twigs and setting it afire. Let's just say burned plastic smells horrible!) Advances in technology and toymaking techniques has meant that some of today's Star Wars toys are cooler versions of yesteryear's. While I haven't run out to buy anything, I have kept abreast of what is being manufactured, and I may acquire a few choice items in the future.
IMAX Exclusive Rogue One Mini Poster

I have, however, entered a contest or two for the chance to win this or that. No skill contests unfortunately, these are merely drop your name into the hat, random chance sort of thing. But I won one of the IMAX Exclusive Rogue One Mini Posters. Yeah, could have gotten one by attending an early IMAX showing of the film, but that's the catch. This way I get the poster without leaving the house or having to sit through a (potentially) bad movie. Works for me. FedEx where are you?

NOTE: Thank you, Carrie Fisher being a fearless woman, a natural wit and a tireless mental health advocate ---- and for bringing Princess Leia, one of my favorite movie characters, to life onscreen. Rest in Peace.

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  1. Am listening to the news and it was announced that Debbie Reynolds passed away last night, one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher died. (Apparently, Reynolds was stricken while planning her daughter's funeral and rushed to the hospital.) Rest in Peace.