03 December 2016

My Coke Rewards Holiday Catalog: Free #Soda + Movie Ticket

All my favorite sodas are cherry-flavored. As a child, I sipped Cheerwine and Cherry 7Up whenever I could and then added Cherry Coke, Cherry Sprite and Cherry Dr. Pepper to the stable as I got older. This is interesting, because I don't generally like cherry-flavored-anything-else. I don't like cherry yogurt or cherry pie. I love FRESH cherries off the vine, but not things made with cherries, except for soda. The palette can be an odd thing, I reckon. (I feel similar about blueberries. Love the plain fruit, don't like many blueberry-flavored items.)

Anywho, this brings me to My Coke Rewards (MCR) which is intended to reward folks for drinking Coke products. Most Coke products come with a rewards code printed on them. Codes have different point values depending on the product (size/serving). After you register for an account, you simply collect these codes and input them at the website, mycokerewards.com and bank the points. The website also includes a rewards catalog featuring items  for which you can redeem your banked points.
Being a native Georgian, I am required to drink Coke products. Well, it would seem that way at least. My father was such a hard-core Coke fan for most of his life, that we kids used to joke he had Coke in his veins instead of blood.
The Holiday Catalog often provides the most value for your points as the Coca-Cola Company puts up rewards at a discounted points redemption. Many folks bank points all year in order to redeem them at the holidays. One of the most fun rewards that is included each year is a Free Sparkling 12-Pack Coupon for 30 points. Considering it normally costs ~50 points to redeem for single-serve drink coupon (16oz, 20oz, 32oz depending on product) that is mailed to you, getting a 12-pack for less is a great reward. The Holiday Catalog also generally includes some version of an AMC Movie Ticket + Free Concession Drink, plus assorted gift cards all available for reduced points.

The program has been going on for a number of years, I've been a member for at least a decade. It used to be more robust in the variety and type of rewards offered, but has changed over the years. However, it still provides an added value for me because I like soda and drink it anyway, so may as well get something back.

Looking forward to my free twelve-pack. Will I go for Cherry Coke or will Cherry Sprite be available in stores? Choices, choices.

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