30 December 2016

Two Days of #Winter. Next Week a Return to #Spring. #WeatherGeek #MtnDew

North Georgia spent the last five or six days well above average temperatures. ('Twas 70+ degrees and muggy on Christmas.) Yesterday, a cold front moved through bringing rain and a tornado to the greater metro Atlanta area, and in its wake much colder, drier air has been rushing in. It was blustery all day yesterday and today more of the same is expected.

This morning and the next will get down into the thirties (below freezing), plus this morning has the addition of wind chill making it feel like the twenties. More rain is expected New Year's Eve --- about a 30% chance --- but it should be well above freezing by the time it arrives (no icing expected, thank goodness). Then there's about an 80% chance of rain through the day on New Year's, with more rain chances still next week.

However, temperatures are expected to climb once again close to 70 degrees, and this in the first week of January. This seems to be our new weather pattern: above average temperatures for several days, followed by a cold front and windy conditions that drop temperatures to a seasonal average or slightly below for a couple days, then it warms back up (and the bugs return).

As I've said before, a weather yo-yo, which wreaks havoc on my allergies. I realize that I moan about my allergies a goodly amount, but "quality of life" issues are important. My nasal passages are shot. Hopefully, it'll settle one way or the other soon. Give me Winter or give me Spring, but not this in between. For this is purgatory. (The Winter of our discontent?)

GLISTENING DEW DROPS?: Yesterday, Kroger had a digital coupon for a Free Mtn Dew 12-pack, any variety, available for a short time. Supplies (or the number of impressions/loads) were exhausted quickly, but luckily I was able to snag one in time. (Mtn Dew is someone's favorite soda.) It may be cold enough to make ice cubes for the soda outdoors this morning, but the gift of pop brings cheer to one man. Thank you, Kroger.

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  1. Kroger is on a roll! The Free Friday Download --- a digital coupon for a free item given out most Fridays, no additional purchase necessary --- for today is a BodyArmor SuperDrink, 16oz, any variety. Loaded ecoupon to my Kroger Plus card to redeem when I go by the store.