02 March 2017

Oh noes! The Gravy Train Dried Up --- #SYWR + SYWMax

Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC) is finally making self-salvaging moves. The minimum order amount to qualify for the Shop Your Way Max shipping program was recently bumped up to $30.00. (When I first started my "trial" of the program it was only $5.00, then moved up to $10.00 about a year later, where it sat for roughly two years.) I often remarked on the fact that I would order a $5.00 or $10.00 item for free using rewards points and the shipping would have cost nearly as much as the item --- if it wasn't free also.

In other words, there is now way the program could continue bleeding loss like this. So it had to, of necessity, adjust prices to qualify for the free shipping. While this is a good business decision, it means that it will be more difficult for me (or other consumers) to score free items and have them shipped to me for free. I didn't say impossible, it will merely take more effort to stack up at least $30.00 value in rewards points (without making a purchase/s).

Alternatively, I can use the free store pick-up option to get low cost items (nearly) free, as I did yesterday when I ordered a coffee grinder for free using my rewards points and first discovered the minimum order price bump. Store Pickup is unfortunately a hassle due to inept store employees --- it's always a bad experience at certain stores --- and it uses time and gas. Besides, it's not nearly as fun as getting packages delivered right to your door. The freebie times are a-changing. Le sigh.

In all honesty, I'm surprised the freebie gravy train that was SHC lasted as long as it did. I have been a SYWR member for at least 5 years and have gotten hundreds, if not a thousand or so dollars worth of free merchandise. Compared to having spent approximately $20.00. It was a consumer bonanza for a long time. Way to crawl out of the red SHC...

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