24 March 2017

#MarketWatch: Charting #Household #Trends #KitchenWitchery #Futurist

I keep an eye on trends. I don't follow, I lead the charge. I have an eye for talent, quality and competency. I absorb news and information, then distill it into relevant data. As a result, I am often ahead of the curve. I can see the big picture. (While I'm being a bit tongue in cheek in the sentences above, I do enjoy market forecasts, futurist diatribe and popular culture trends analysis. However, I do not generally set my life course based upon other people's predictions, excepting perhaps the weather. No one would accuse me of being a follower.)

Periodically, I'll try to share some of the trends I'm seeing as well as ones I predict will arise. Here's a quick snapshot of a few arcs that currently bend toward the future in the home market.

Have you noticed that in the modern kitchen:
H2O > soda
airfryer > deep fryer
organic > natural
organic > processed
plant-based > meat & potatoes

Have you noticed that in the modern household:
insulated stainless steel cups > H2O bottles

Have you noticed that in the modern home entertainment center:
streaming services > disc rental kiosks
OTA > cable
Timeshifted > Broadcast

NOTE: Not all trends are good. Merely because a lot of people pursue something does not mean it's appropriate, right or necessary. We sometimes get caught up in things, like a mob mentality.

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