28 March 2017

#WeatherGeek Update: How Does Your #Garden Grow? #Allergies #SavetheBees

Well, it's officially Spring but we're already experiencing early Summer temperatures, which makes sense as we experienced Spring-like temperatures nearly all Winter. It's predicted to be mid- to upper 70s all week, with at least one day hitting 80 degrees. And as it's almost April, its namesake showers are making preparatory appearances in anticipation, I guess. It has also periodically been quite windy, as cold fronts swoop down and hit the balmy air. Needless to say, between the regular sprinkles (and we do need the rain as we are still in a drought overall) and the over warm days, everything is sprouting like crazy and allergen levels are through the roof as my sinuses will attest.

On the bright side, this makes for a wonderful early gardening season --- and a good patch for the bees.

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