31 March 2017

We got the #meats + a #CamoCap! #Prizes #Coupons #Camouflage #DiscoverOldWisconsin #MailCall

The postwoman flagged me down as I was heading off to a meeting yesterday to say that she had a package for me. Turns out it was the prize from an Old Wisconsin contest that I'd entered last month. Didn't know what to expect as the contest terms merely stated "enter to win an Old Wisconsin prize package."

Inside the padded envelope were two Buddig meats coupons (any item up to $0.99 x 2), one Old Wisconsin meats coupon (any item up to $5.99), an Old Wisconsin Camouflage Logo Cap and a nice letter thanking me for being a loyal fan of the brand. Not a bad haul. The fam is already fighting over "the meats" --- I think Pup has an edge --- and I'm digging the camo cap. All win!
Old Wisconsin prizes
Old Wisconsin Prize Package

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