27 August 2018

Bought @NostalgiaElctrx @Keurig @Jolly_Rancher: @Kohls #SweepstakesPrize + #Rewards Haul! #GotItFree!

I've been entering a Kohls Twitter Contest* periodically (under a personal account) whenever I happened to be on Twitter and remember to send an entry tweet. The prize is $50.00 KohlsCash (valid for 30 days from activation). Roughly a week ago, my Twitter username was drawn as a potential winner. After I emailed the sweepstakes admin my contact information and confirmed my eligibility, I received my $50.00 KohlsCash code the next day. I also happened to have a $5.00 KohlsCash Reward (valid for 30 days from date earned) from earning the requisite Kohls Yes2You Rewards points to trigger a conversion. As a result, I ended up with a total of $55.00 in rewards money to spend within a limited time frame.
Image Copyright Kohls
Jolly Rancher Sour Bites 8-oz. Package
Across the board regardless of the rewards program in question, I prefer to use any rewards that I earn to get items for free (as opposed to merely buying something at a discount). This way any rewards that I earn actually make me feel like I've been rewarded, because I got free stuff! For instance, if I have $55.00 in rewards available, I will try to find things that I want or need which cost less than or equal to this amount, so that I can order the item/s for free (or as close to free as possible).
Image Copyright Kohls
Keurig® Brewer Maintenance Kit
With this in mind, I went shopping online at Kohls.com over the weekend and scored some fun and useful items: a Nostalgia Electrics Diner Style Hot Dog Steamer (MSRP $49.99), a Keurig® Brewer Maintenance Kit (MSRP $29.99) and a Jolly Rancher Sour Bites 8-oz. Package (MSRP $4.99) --- only the Jolly Rancher was purchased at its regular price, the other two items were on sale. The total for all three items came out to $54.97, which I paid for with my $55.00 KohlsCash. (A notice on my e-receipt stated that I'd saved $84.97 total.) Free stuff FTW!
Image Copyright Kohls
Nostalgia Electrics Diner Style Hot Dog Steamer
I'm hoping the Diner Style Hot Dog Steamer works well. (The product had great reviews on the Kohls site.) I've been searching for a convenient method to cook my veggie dogs to perfection and achieve that real Carnival feel. I own quite a few (at least 15) Nostalgia Electrics appliances and most of them have been well worth the money (that I didn't pay for them, as I netted them all free via rewards programs). I adore Nostalgia Electrics because the company specializes in retro design small appliances. I'm a gadget geek and I love a Carnival/Fair/Circus/Vaudeville motif ---which often plays into this retro vibe.

I'm planning to test cook some veggie dogs this weekend!

*In case you've been under a rock lately: Kohls has been conducting a Twitter Contest (running M-F for about four weeks) in celebration of its Back-to-School Sales. To participate, follow Kohls on Twitter, reply to any Kohls contest notice tweet by saying what you would use the $50.00 KohlsCash prize to buy, if you were to win and append the contest hashtag #KohlsCashSweepstakes. Obviously, one can pretty much say whatever he wants. Entries do not carry over, so you must create a new entry tweet each weekday (24 hour period). Contest ends 29/Aug, so there's still a few days to enter. Good Luck!

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