10 August 2018

Sierra Mist Is Back, Now With Real #Sugar #Soda #Beverages #PepsiCo @Kroger

A few days ago, I received an email from Kroger announcing that Sierra Mist (a PepsiCo brand Lemon-Lime soda) was making a return to store shelves and that the soda was now made with real sugar. To thank me for being a "Best Customer" the email also included a link to a digital coupon for a Free 2L of the reformulated soda so that I could try it for myself. Looks like I'll be sipping on Sierra Mist this weekend. Thanks, Kroger and PepsiCo!
NEW Sierra Mist with Real Sugar
I've noticed that a lot of beverage companies are (re)introducing "pure cane sugar" or real sugar versions of their sodas in a bid to capitalize on the current consumer market trend of preferring "natural" products (or at least products with more natural ingredients rather than additives or preservatives). Here's a callout from the email:

"Customers asked for it, and now it’s back! Experience Sierra Mist,® made with real sugar. The light, crisp taste of lemon lime, plus the sweetness from real sugar is a perfect way to invigorate your day. We hope this special offer helps you enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste!"

NOTE: Have you given up soda? It's true that soda is generally unhealthy (compared to some other beverage choices), but so is living. I look at it this way: We are mortal beings and all will die eventually. The "Sweet Spot" is in how you live. I enjoy soda. I drink it. I drink other beverages, too. Moderation is key. I don't "diet" or deny myself any food that I desire. (I don't crave meat, so being vegetarian was a natural progression for me, not specifically an exception. It also synced with my youthful environmental awareness.) I'm a realist. I simply hope to make sound choices (in all things), but being Human don't always succeed. I keep trying.

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  1. Picked up my Free 2L yesterday and put it in the fridge to chill overnight. Just cracked it open and gave it a sip. It's light and slightly fruity. This would make a decent mixer. (Personally, I tend to prefer colas and syrupy sodas, but it depends on the occasion.) It won't go to waste in my household.