17 August 2018

Two Interesting #CokeRewards Promos: #Free #Cinemark Movie Ticket + #Free World of Coca-Cola Ticket

Ever since Coke revamped its rewards program, the pickings have been slim. The "prizes" are mostly awarded via sweepstakes. Occasionally, an actual reward (input X codes, get this...) will popup. I keep an eye out for these. The chance to win a prize can be nice, but it's only a chance versus a guaranteed exchange. I prefer a bird in the hand.

Both of these promotions may require you to download and install the new Coke Rewards app, which is named simply Coca-Cola, if you haven't already. (Some rewards opportunities appear in the app only.) I was a beta-tester for the new Coke Rewards app and never really ventured back to the site. So I haven't visited the Coke web site to check whether these also appear there.

If you're unfamiliar with Coke Rewards, basically most Coke products have codes or icons on them. You save the codes and input them to enter sweepstakes or sometimes to get select rewards directly. (Sip & Scan icons work on the same premise and mainly function as an alternative to code entry.)

If you like movies or museums/attractions, then you may like these currently available rewards.

Reward 1: Scan or input 15 product codes and you'll unlock a General Admission Adult Ticket to the World of Coca-Cola. This promotion expires 09-Oct-18. The e-ticket itself expires 31-Dec-2018. You can complete this offer once.

Reward 2: Scan or input one code (or icon) and receive a Free Cinemark Movie Club One-Month Trial Membership, a movie watching subscription service (similar to MoviePass or AMC Stubs A-List). The trial includes One Free Movie Ticket, concessions discounts and more. A Credit Card is required to sign-up for this Cinemark Movie Club trial. The membership will automatically renew, if not canceled. This promotion expires 24-Sep-2018. Limit one per account.

What are you waiting for, get thee to the app store!

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