03 August 2018

Help Spark A Movement #BiteBackHunger #FoodNews #Philanthropy #SmallBatch #MightySparkFood

Mighty Spark Food Co. sticker
Recently Publix featured several ecoupons for at least three free Mighty Spark Food Co. products. This new company began as a "farmers market food booth" specializing in hand-crafted "small batch" meat products. While I don't eat meat, both my dog (a prey-focused hound and natural hunter) and members of my extended family do. Thus, I sometimes purchase meat. I loaded the Mighty Spark Food Co. ecoupons that I saw onto my Publix account and redeemed them for the freebie items. I gave the meat to a carnivorous sibling who it turn brought back to me the company's logo sticker which was included inside the carton. (I like stickers.) By the way, my sister gave the products a good review when I asked what she thought, as did our other sister's husband. (I'd informed our other sister about the freebie ecoupons so that she could load them for her own household.)

I had not heard of Mighty Spark Food Co. prior to this Publix digital coupon promotion. I'd searched for and visited their website after I noticed the ecoupons in order to check their product list. But after receiving the sticker which had a message to "Become a Mighty Spark" printed on its peel-away paper backing, I returned to the website to read about the company's philanthropic efforts working to #bitebackhunger: "For every Mighty Spark item purchased, the company donates a meal to those in need." Mighty Spark also helps sponsor community events that feed those in need --- all causes behind which I can certainly rally! I subscribed to the company's newsletter to find out about potential volunteer opportunities.

I may not personally consume their products, but I actively support organizations that work to better this world. If you're curious to know more and want to become a "Mighty Spark" opt-in at mightysparkfood.com. (Of interest to carnivores... the back of the sticker also mentioned a possibility of receiving freebies in addition to the newsletter.)

Choose to do good. It is a choice.

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  1. Yesterday, yet another digital coupon for a Free Mighty Spark Food Co. Product popped up on the Publix website. This time you can choose between 1 of 3 items for redemption: Bruschetta Chicken, Turkey with Bacon or Sweet Thai Chicken, up to $7.99. As I've already redeemed an ecoupon for the latter two options, I'm going to look for Bruschetta Chicken. My meatatarian* sister is certainly eating well... Thanks Mighty Spark Food Co.!

    (*This term is what my oldest nephew dubbed people who eat meat, when I explained to him that I did not.)