14 August 2018

#New #Ensure Max Protein Shake Review Less #Sugar

Trial and Error
Product Tried: Ensure Max Protein Shake Single. 11 FL oz. 

This was a Kroger Free Friday Download a couple weeks back. I couldn't drink it. I dislike wasting food but I threw this out. Tasted like watery paste. (I believe I must've eaten non-toxic paste at least once as a small child as I have such a strong and horrible taste association with it.) I feel sorry for any people who need to drink such beverages to help balance their blood sugar and such. It was horrible. Would NEVER buy it for myself. Yikes! Thank goodness it was a freebie item. This product is a prime example of why it's always nice to be able to "Try Before You Buy" (with your own money). This ain't no milkshake.

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