01 August 2018

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A Review

The Product: Sweet Earth Harmless Ham, Vegan Chickpea Patty and Sundried Tomato on Flax Bread, 2ct box.

The Details: Purchased with a VIP BOGO Free coupon. $5.69/box at my local Whole Foods.

What did I think? Although this sandwich should have a mix of flavors, the overall taste is VERY mild to the point of being bland. How is this possible?! You mix all these great ingredients together and come up with only a passable sandwich. Personally, I'd rather just eat the raw veggies than ever eat this thing again, but then I'm vegetarian. Might be more acceptable for someone who doesn't normally eat a lot of veggies.

The main benefits here are its convenience ---  microwaves in 1 minute --- and having a nutritional punch condensed into an easily portable form (each individual sandwich comes in sealed wrapper). If you're looking for a quick veg meal option, something like this might fill the bill.

The Results: I tried it, but I didn't much like it. So I personally wouldn't make it a regular purchase.

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