02 February 2017

#Books Are Not Your Trendy #HomeDecor #Read! + #GroundhogDay

Lately, I keep seeing decorating tips involving books in various home + garden magazines that I read. Everything from people color coordinating the spines by shelf (How do you find anything? Must you recall "Mathematica had a blue cover" in order to remember to look upon the blue book shelf for it?) to those advocating stacking books sideways in order to have them act as pedestals for flower pots. Water much? While these ideas may be attractive, they aren't exactly practical for an inveterate reader.

My books are there for reference, for entertainment, for edification. They are not meant as mere decoration though many of them are exquisitely beautiful. And yes, I understand that one may acquire discards or "junk" tomes to use as decorative pieces, but that seems a waste. I cringe at the thought. I suppose if a book were damaged beyond repair I might consign it to some purely decorative use, but I still don't like it. Far better to use a faux book (a block wrapped in a book jacket or some such), for using an actual book seems somehow like sacrilege.

We each must make our own interior design choices, but, fair warning, if I happen to visit your home and the only books in it are glued shut, stacked sideways and holding up a begonia, I will look at you askance and make up an excuse to quit the premises pronto. I read.

P.S. By the way, we're hoping for an early Spring. Today is Groundhog Day, and that meteorological rodent had better NOT see his shadow.

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