07 February 2017

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Had a great time at my Super Bowl party in spite of the Falcons' losing. It was an intense game and I like the Patriots, too (was merely hoping for a new dynasty to emerge and rooting for a Georgia team, in addition to enjoying being able to joke with my "twin" BFF who is a Pats fan). Besides the good company with whom I enjoyed watching the game, there were some tasty nibbles on offer --- if I do say so myself. I had the opportunity to try some new products and enjoy some longtime favorites. The revelry carried on 'til quite late... or early.

One of the new items I picked up to serve at the party is Brazi Bites, a Brazilian Cheese Bread. I'd participated in a manufacturer's promotion online recently and received a free product coupon in the mail. When the coupon first arrived, I'd used the store locator on the product's website and discovered that in the metro Atlanta area, Brazi Bites can be found at Sprouts Farmers Market and Whole Foods stores. As I planned to go to Sprouts for a few party provisions anyway, I took my coupon along to look for this new product, too. (As an extra bonus, the Sprouts app had a mobile coupon available to load for a free bag of Popcorners chips.)
Brazi Bites are found in the freezer aisle [Keep Frozen] and come in several flavor varieties, though the Sprouts to which I ventured only had "Cheddar & Parmesan" or "Garlic & Asiago". I selected the "Cheddar & Parmesan." The product comes is a re-sealable plastic pouch containing 18 pieces [Net Wt 11.5oz (330g)]. It's naturally Gluten Free (uses a tapioca flour base), but also Trans-Fat Free, Sugar Free and Soy Free. It's ready to bake (goes from freezer to oven) and done in approximately 20 minutes. So quick and easy!

I cooked mine in a toaster oven, that's setup on the Carnival-themed concession stand in my home entertainment center. A serving size is considered 3 pieces (6 servings per pouch) and packs 126 calories (53 calories from fat). Personally, I don't count calories; I'm passing the information along for edification. To cook, place the bites about an inch apart on a lightly greased baking sheet and bake until golden brown. And boom, cheesy, toasty goodness in your face! These were quite tasty and completely no fuss. I'll definitely buy them again. (These were on sale for $5.49 at Sprouts with a regular price of $6.00, I believe.)

Using my Sprouts app mobile coupon for a free bag, I chose "Smokin' Jalapeno White Cheddar" Popcorners popped corn chips. I'd had tried a plain buttered Popcorners variety a few months ago, but had thought those meh. This flavor variety, however, turned out to be very good. Crispy, crunchy, fresh and spicy cheesy. A great snack for watching television. (Will buy these again.) I simply poured them out of the bag and into a bowl to serve.
And of course, I used a few of my Free 12-Pack coupons to pickup some Cheerwine soda at my local Kroger store on the way back home. Love me some Cheerwine! I definitely wanted some on hand to offer my guests. This was but a last minute store run. I'd been planning a menu and gathering various ingredients & ready-made foodstuffs for about two weeks. Once everything was done and set out, it made for quite a delicious spread. I'm still stuffed.

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