22 February 2017

Estate #IntellectualProperty: #WhoisPrivacy #DomainRegistrars #IoT + #Gardening #Composting

I spent a good part of yesterday registering, transferring and setting up domain names. What should be seamless and simple invariably turns into a hassle, because each registrar has its own matrix. But I've finally gotten all my domains with a registrar that includes Whois database privacy as a default service (i.e., free). It's patently ridiculous to expect one to pay extra fees to keep his information private. (And yes, I hate the telephone directory, too, for this very reason.)

Privacy is an inalienable right. It should not be something for which one has to barter or pay a fee. Yes, I understand "privacy guard" registrars provide generic contact data for the Whois database and forward inquiries to the actual domain registrant, but big whoop! This should take almost no effort on their part. Charging for keeping domain registration contact data private is like charging for air. At any rate, all my estate or household domains are now setup.

As it rained a bit last night, the ground should be easier to breakup today. This afternoon, I'm hoping to finish expanding my compost pile which sits in a slightly recessed pit. I'm widening and deepening the pit, so I can turn the compost more easily and keep it well separate from any surrounding growth.

Once all this is done, there will be more cowbell er, milkshakes!

NOTE: With the ongoing IOT explosion in home market products, consider that it may be helpful to employ a household domain name/s (think thejoneseshome.com). This will allow one to setup everything from email to IPs per device, if necessary, and keep everything uniform, organized & connected.

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