28 February 2017

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I'm not much of a gambler. I don't like having the odds stacked against me. As a result, you can forget about my playing the lottery or table games in Vegas. (I play penny and nickel slots for the fun of it.) The only "gaming" I tend to throw my hand in are the contests which require no initial outlay on my part (free entry). So I will "spin the wheel" for sweepstakes at Shop Your Way, because it's free to enter. I earn random rewards points and use these to get free and nearly free merchandise.

Yesterday, I won 10,000 rewards points or $10.00 in one of the SYWR sweepstakes games, which added to my "pot of gold" (the amount of rewards points available to redeem in my account). My earliest won sweeps points won't expire for a few days yet (most sweeps prize points are only good for 14 days after they're won), so I'll keep playing and (hopefully) adding to my stash. Then I'll cash out for a nifty gadget on the last day possible to maximize my rewards discount.

So now I'm thinking about low-cost kitchen gadgets --- I love small kitchen appliances! I'm torn between a coffee grinder and a vegetable spiralizer. Hmm...

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