04 February 2017

Has Spring Sprung? #GroundhogDay Reflections on a #HellWeek

This past week was perhaps the most horrific set of days I can recall in such a short span. It started off bad and kept getting worse. I distinctly remember thinking, 'When does it end?" Yesterday afternoon, I finally got a bit of good news. One little tidbit to say that the world hasn't imploded yet. It was enough to calm the nerves. Just.

I need a change of venue, which got me to thinking, "When the various groundhogs advance different predictions which one's word do you take?" It seems the northern rat predicted more Winter while our southern one said early Spring. Being a native Southerner, I'm partial. Still, after the lackluster Winter we've had so far, I'll stick with my wish for an early Spring. I could do with a bit of sunshine and warmth.

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