24 February 2017

National Something Something Day? Overzealous Marketing Calendar

When did each day of the year get claimed in promotion of some product or other? I enjoy celebrations, I like having fun. However, this whole marketing ploy of claiming a day for carrots, magaritas and chocolate milk has gone a bit overboard. I mean, really? Not that this can't be a fun excuse for an impromptu party, but come on... 

If tomorrow is National Kumquat Day, I'm rolling over and going back to bed. It's just too much! (Sorry, kumquat.)

1 comment:

  1. Of course, it IS National Tortilla Chips Day, apparently. Nothing against tortilla chips --- I love nachos --- but, this has gotten out of hand. (It's nothing to protest over, mind you. OK, perhaps a small protest, but definitely not riot worthy.)