18 February 2017

Spreading Good #Cheer! @DrinkCheerwine #ROAK

I happened to catch a tweet the other day, wherein a fellow Tastemaker in the Cheerwine Authentic Soda Society stated that although she loved telling others about Cheerwine, she loves the soda so much she's had a difficult time sharing her coupons. This made me chuckle.

I'm lucky, however, I've got more than enough Cheerwine to share. As mentioned earlier, I ended up with 25 coupons, each one good for a Free* 12-Pack of Cheerwine, Diet Cheerwine or Cheerwine Squeeze. Yes, twenty-five free 12-Packs of soda! So far, I've redeemed 10 coupons (and have 15 left). But don't worry, I'm not drinking all that soda by myself. I've been sharing with everyone, family, friends and neighbors alike. Sometimes handing out single cans, sometimes handing over entire 12-packs --- introducing new folks to this iconic soda brand.

I enjoy spreading good cheer and good Cheerwine. In my book, these are one in the same.

*Note: The Cheerwine Free 12-Pack coupon is good for up to $4.49 value, which is apparently the going rate for a 12-pack in the Salisbury, NC area, but here in the metro Atlanta area 12-packs regularly cost $4.99+, thus one will generally end up having to pay $0.70-$1.00 difference when redeeming a coupon.

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