21 February 2017

Great Shakes! @DrinkCheerwine #Milkshake #NostalgiaElectrics + Early Spring Yard Work #Gardening #WeatherGeek

On yesterday, instead of making a soda pop float, I blended vanilla ice cream with Cheerwine in my new Nostalgia Milkshake Maker and made Cheerwine Milkshakes. It was delicious. That's all.

Also, as it's supposed to be 70+ degrees all week with only slight chances of rain each day, I'm taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and working outside in spite of the elevated pollen levels, prepping garden beds, drawing an irrigation blueprint, expanding my compost pile and thinking about a chicken coop. Pup is loving this early Spring, though she gets allergies, too. She can sit outside for hours just lazing in the sun.

Well, off to work...

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